Pixi (By Petra) Beauty Sleep Cream

Created with 100% mango butter, and infused with lemon, bergamot, orange, and lavender; it’s hard not to love Pixi (By Petra) Beauty Sleep Cream with its catchy name. It also contains one of my favorite ingredients, shea butter which is soothing and healing, and a wonder ingredient for sensitive skins.

The Beauty Sleep Cream comes in one size, 35 ml (£24) or 1.18 oz ($24) in a unique tube dispenser, so there are no messy jars to stick your fingers in, or the chance you’ll squeeze out too much. It can take a few pumps to get the dispenser to work, but then all you need is one to two pumps for the entire face. The cream is rich, but light in texture, and so is easily absorbed. The big plus is that it doesn’t leave a film on the face, and has a light and natural fragrance.

I felt a difference after a few days, and although it is suitable for all skin types, and those with dehydrated or dry skin will feel the effects more quickly. The product has obtained cult status, and while it’s a good product, don’t expect immediate miracles. It’s definitely a great change from the traditional night creams that works hard without feeling heavy, and ideal for people that don’t like to feel as if they are using a moisturizer.

Rating and verdict


This is an ideal product for those whose skin can get a little dehydrated or if it is dull, as the cream is light, but is packed with an abundance of humectants that can help hydrate the skin. I’m not a huge fan of companies that have separate day and night creams, but there is no reason why the cream can’t be used in the morning as well (remember to use a sunscreen over it). The tube dispenser can be a little fiddly to use at first, but it delivers the right amount needed, and looks stylish and modern. Recommended for daily use, or when your skin needs a little extra help, and is ideal for those who have oily and dehydrated skin who dislike using creams and oils on their face. For those who prefer a natural product, it is also free from parabens and sulfates

The packaging is a bonus as it’s ideal of traveling due to it being light, and is perfect for hand luggage too. Pump dispensers are so much more hygienic than jars as it prevents any oxygen getting into the product, and as it’s a tube it’s much easier to squeeze out those valuable and elusive last bits.

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