The Ordinary (By DECIEM) High Adherence Silicone Primer

The Ordinary is a skincare range by DECIEM, whose tagline is ‘The Abnormal Beauty Company’ that was launched in August 2016. DECIEM has a number of brands, with a mission to create functional beauty products with integrity—basically the product will do what it says on the bottle at prices that are affordable to all. The founder, Brandon Truaxe hails from Canada where the products are manufactured and sold everywhere except China, because the laws insist that cosmetics must be tested in animals.

Priced at £3.90 for a 30 ml tube, the High Adherence Silicone Primer is a bargain, and more importantly it works! I’m a little on the fence about primers because they aren’t technically skincare in my book, but help the skin to look better by creating a smooth base for makeup, and by locking in the hydration. Therefore, you can only really tell how good it is if you are wearing makeup, but it does create a slight sheen on the face if you like a natural look. Primers are a little like poly filler for the face—it fills in the bumps and smooths out the lumps, and creates a film across the face, as if you were stretching cling film or plastic wrap over a plate of food.

The primer doesn’t absorb into the skin, so you have to use a generous amount and work quickly to apply the product in one go. This is the case for all primers and the finer the product, the easier it is to apply. You should also apply it to the entire face, otherwise you may end up looking a little patchy, so be careful around the nose and mouth areas in particular. For those of you with smooth skin, you won’t notice so much of a difference, but it will help your makeup to stay on longer, plus when used as it’s the last step after moisturizing, it will help seal in that moisture too.

Rating and Verdict


This is a high end product at a price that is affordable by all. Don’t be fooled by the price—I have used more expensive products and it is better than most of them. Invest in a tube even if you don’t wear makeup, because it will come in handy if you have a special event to attend, or if you love taking selfies, you’ll notice the difference. I have used this even with a natural look (a bit of concealer and bronzer), and it creates a smoother appearance and adds a slight sheen to the skin. I recommend using the size of a ten pence piece or a quarter to ensure complete coverage over the face.

I’ve personally stocked up on a few tubes because this product sells out very quickly, and at £3.90 (under $5) you can’t go wrong for a premium product at a drugstore price. In a nutshell, DECIEM have delivered on their mission statement, with products that do what they say they will, and that are priced with integrity. Order online, or find a stockist near you. Recently DECIEM have opened a new flagship store in London, by  Old Spitalfields Market on Lamb Street and look set to open more stores around the world shortly. They also seem to have an amusing obsession with monkeys…

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